Broward issues shelter in place order

Broward County Administrator Bertha Henry has issued an emergency order that says “individuals are strongly urged to remain home other than to engage in essential activities.

The order takes effect at 12:01 a.m. Friday. Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties have not yet issued shelter in place orders.

Essential activities are those that are necessary to conduct minimum business operations or patronize essential businesses.

Some new business categories were added to the previous list of essential businesses allowed to stay open: marine fueling stations, and repair shops for motorcyles, scooters and bicycles. Among the business allowed to stay open in a previous order are health care providers, gun stores, car dealers, marinas, banks, grocery stores, dry cleaners, hardware stores and liquor stores. Professional service, such as accounting and law, are allowed to stay open

The new order has an addition regarding restaurants. It says no more than 10 people can congregate in or near a restaurant or food truck. (Food trucks weren’t previously mentioned.) People in line should follow CDC guidelines on social distancing.

The order does permit outdoor exercises that allow for social distancing.

Click here to see the full text of the order.


Kevin Gale
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