KetaMD Expands Access to Ketamine Therapy in Florida to Combat Mental Health Crisis

The company is headquartered in North Miami and operates as a virtual remote office platform

With nearly 3 million people in Florida experiencing a mental health condition, a Miami-based telemedicine company aims to expand at-home treatments to ensure residents can access the medical help they need. With ketamine becoming more widely accepted as a viable form of treating mental health issues, KetaMD, Inc. is expanding the availability of its virtual platform and mobile app to residents in Florida suffering from depression and other related mental health conditions.

KetaMD’s HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform offers treatments guided by registered nurses. Eligible patients are chosen by one of KetaMD’s licensed Florida healthcare practitioners and receive medically supervised treatments conducted virtually by registered nurses. Evidence-based research has shown ketamine to be scientifically proven to produce antidepressant effects in people with depression.

“We’ve seen improved outcomes firsthand from ketamine treatment in our clinics and in our clinical trials, Dr. Roger McIntyre says, CEO of KetaMD’s parent company, Braxia Scientific. “People suffering from major depression and mental health conditions need immediate access to safe, affordable, reliable, and readily available innovative treatments that will improve their quality of life. KetaMD is doing just that.”

With this week marking Mental Illness Awareness Week, KetaMD aims to increase its operations by expanding session availability to provide additional support to Florida residents needing treatment and help.

“Through KetaMD’s digital telehealth capabilities, we are committed to bringing awareness, accessibility, and scalability of the benefits of ketamine for those suffering from depression and other mood disorders,” Warren Gumpel says, CEO of KetaMD. “As a Miami-based company, we are pleased to roll out our services in Florida first. If we are successful in diverting just one person from choosing suicide, we know it would be mission accomplished.”

Adults interested in ketamine treatment for eligible mental health conditions can download the KetaMD mobile app directly from the App Store or Google Play or visit

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