Little Italy on I-75

Rick Case Automotive Group’s I-75 “Auto Row” in Davie, which already includes Alfa Romeo and Fiat dealerships, is getting even more Italian these days with the opening of a Maserati dealership. The move comes as Maserati has been aggressively increasing sales and adding to its model lines as it celebrates its 100th anniversary.

SFBW interviewed dealer owner Rick Case to learn more.

When did you become interested in having a Maserati dealership?

I got interested a few years ago when Maserati started increasing sales dramatically, like 50 percent, and it came out with a smaller car, the Ghibli in the $70,000 price range. 

What was the process to get the dealership?

I went to the New York Auto Show and talked to the president of Maserati, who knew us because we are the largest Fiat dealer in the country and Maserati is owned by Fiat Chrysler. It also owns Alfa Romeo, and we are also the largest Alfa Romeo dealer. Our location is far away from the other Maserati dealers in South Florida.

Tell us about the lineup of models Maserati has?

Maserati has been around for over 100 years, but the Ghibli is the new model it came out with. It’s in the $70,000 to $90,000 price range. Maserati also makes the GT, the GranTurismo, which comes in a coupe and also a four-passenger convertible. That sells in the $120,000 to $160,000 category. It also makes the Quattroporte, which is the brand’s longtime big sedan that was redone a couple of years ago. It comes available with a V-6 and V-8 twin turbo. Both of those engines are made by Ferrari; Chrysler Fiat also owns Ferrari.

What’s the trend been for Maserati in terms of overall sales and U.S. sales?

The sales are increasing and the brand comes out with new models. An SUV will compete with Porsche’s and will be a big seller. The SUV business is really hot, especially for the luxury brands. We will also have another two-passenger sports car next year. It will be a little lower in price than the GranTurismo. 

Tell us about the dealership building and amenities for customers?

The new showroom is divided in two between Maserati and Alfa Romeo. We have the Rick Case Advantage with our rewards card for discount gas and free car washes anytime; customers can earn points with their rewards cards, which gives them future discounts on parts and services. The customer lounge will have Wi-Fi and a cafe with drinks, refreshments and coffee.

What’s happening with Alfa Romeo these days?

Alfa Romeo is also coming out with new models. Right now, it has a hand-built sports car, which is in limited supply. It’s coming out with an SUV and a four-door sedan with different versions, from a four-cylinder to an eight-cylinder twin turbo V-8 that produces 525 horsepower. It’s also coming out with a roadster convertible.

What are you having in terms of grand opening deals for Maserati?

Our grand opening celebration and sale will go through the whole month of December. The factory will have its best year-end incentives. ?

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