Neuvana Offers Health Tips During Emotional Wellness Month in October

With October being Emotional Wellness Month, Neuvana encourages people to conduct a self-check-in to optimize their mental wellness. As part of the evaluation, Neuvana cites the vagus nerve as the key to ensuring optimal emotional health. The vagus nerve plays a vital role in mental wellness by regulating the body’s stress response. 

Chronically stressed people are more likely to experience anxiousness, irritability and emotional dysfunction. These feelings are a symptom of low vagal tone, but ways exist to increase vagal tones to improve mental health. These include:

Deep and slow breathing

This type of breathing helps relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

Cold exposure

This process involves dunking your head in a sink full of cold water or taking a cold shower to stimulate the vagus nerve.

Yoga and Meditation

 Practicing yoga increases GABA, a neurotransmitter that influences the brain into a calm state. Meditation exercises can also increase the vagal tone to produce more positive emotions.


A regular exercise routine helps stimulate the vagus nerve to release a rush of feel-good endorphins into the body.


Eating foods high in probioticslike yogurt, can help stimulate the vagus nerve to increase GABA and reduce stress hormones.


The vagus nerve can also be “hacked” using proper stimulation. Xen by Neuvana consists of an electronic device delivering gentle micro pulses through headphones directly to the vagus nerve located in the ear. Users can pair the device wirelessly to the Neuvana app and customize their sessions. This stimulation process helps to improve focus and enhance the ability to stay calm. 

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