Tech Scene Can Thrive

One of the missions of SFBW is to highlight new and emerging companies in the technology field. While I love real estate, tourism and retail, our region has long needed to diversify from these industries.

That’s why I’m pleased not only with the cover story on Tech Runway in this issue, but our report on the South Florida Technology Alliance’s “Web Turns 20” event.

Florida Atlantic University was helped with $1 million in state funding to help launch Tech Runway, which should be a great accelerator for new businesses. Let’s hope the Legislature recognizes this by following up with further support.

The array of businesses in the initial Tech Runway group is broad, ranging from better lighting systems and high heels to an international shipping concept and a social media app that pays charities when you move around.

If even a fraction of the companies that come through Tech Runway – and the region’s other accelerators and incubators – take off, it will go a long way to creating new jobs.

The “Web Turns 20” panel’s past accomplishment go a long way towards dispelling the notion that the region can’t exhibit leadership in technology. We had not only the largest web hosting company here, but the world’s most cutting-edge internet on-ramp and the pioneering effort in the world of fantasy sports. What’s even more impressive is how entrepreneurs Manny Medina, Mike Levy, Scott Adams and Colin Campbell are involved in new exciting ventures. Adams actually has an office in the Tech Runway space.

A final note, SFBW has its first major awards program this November – the Apogee Awards at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale.  We will have 24 honorees from all levels of the C-Suite: Chairman, CEO, COO, President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and top HR executive. If you are reading this column before Nov. 6, you can get tickets online at apogee.lmgfl.com/apogee-awards-tickets.



The names for Smoke Inn owner Abe Dababneh’s name and Havana Cellars cigars were incorrectly spelled in the October issue.  The correct website for Sindicato Cigars is sindicatocigars.com


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