Treasure Trove

The high-tech storage center known as RoboVault is embarking on a business strategy that mirrors the growing arts scene in South Florida.

Jessica Ransom, the newly hired Business Development Manager of Fine Art Services, has extensive experience with art consultation and appraisals. She will use her contacts within the art world to draw attention to RoboVault’s museum quality fine art services.

Located just minutes from Fort Lauderdale International Airport, RoboVault is an ultra secure, climate-controlled storage facility that houses fine art, antiques, collectables, exotic cars, fine furnishings, wine and more.

In recent years, the art scene in South Florida has been coming into its own. Events like Art Basel has put Miami on the map for art collectors internationally, which has made the Fine Arts department at RoboVault more important than ever.

Ransom is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, which opens up endless possibilities in regards to the growing number of art collectors in China. Being able to establish a relationship with those in the growing Chinese art world could prove to be key in developing RoboVault’s business.

Beyond art storage and preservation, Jessica sees RoboVault’s transport services as a huge asset to its clients. She says, in her experience, being able to safely transport an item is just as, if not more important, than proper storage.

Jessica intends on working closely with Bruce Tang, the Director of Shipping and Fine Art Services at RoboVault to ensure that clients are not only confident that their high-priced belongings are safe at RoboVault, but equally so, when they are not.

The true success for the company, however, goes far beyond the biometric fingerprint scanning, photoelectric beams or motion and heat detectors. Both Ransom and Susan McGregor, President and General Manager of RoboVault, agree that the focus is and always will be, about building and maintaining trusting relationships with current and perspective clients.

It is one thing to know that your prized possessions are safe because of impeccable building and security standards, but having a rapport with those responsible for the safe keeping of those items is invaluable. ?

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