Truth or Fiction? Covid-19 May Cause Impotence

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Here at Doctors Studio in Boca Raton, we regularly treat Covid-19 patients and clients who are interested in proactively maximizing their immunological strength to fight the virus as powerfully as they can. We remain on the cutting-edge of science and – as a medical practice recognized as leaders in the field of sexual, anti-aging and functional medicine – we are in the perfect position to provide Floridians with the medically-informed science behind every story.

And today’s story? The mind-blowing idea, recently presented by scientists at the world-leading University of Miami, that Covid-19 may permanently affect your ability to get an erection, stay hard – or even make you impotent.

Scaremongering or fact? Read on to find out.

But before we get to the science behind the story, let’s take a quick time-out to stress that if you are worried about erectile dysfunction (ED) – either because of Covid-19, or any other reason – you don’t need to panic or suffer in silence! At Doctors Studio we possess the extensive medical knowledge, cutting-edge, next gen testing and treatments, accompanied by the clinical experience necessary to treat the complexities of erectile dysfunction (ED) to restore your sex life to its former glory – something that we have successfully helped countless clients with over the last fifteen years.

So, returning to the real issue at hand. Can Covid-19 really affect your performance between the sheets?

The short answer is, yes. Here’s why.

A study focusing on the potential effects of Covid-19 on penile tissue and erectile function undertaken at the University of Miami in 2021 reported fascinating results; that the histopathological features of penile tissue affected by COVID-19 included the presence of specific markers that linked the Covid-19 virus to the potential for erectile dysfunction as one possible long-term side-effect.

Specifically, Covid-19 virus can cause widespread endothelial cell dysfunction – something that medics already knew could affect all major organs in the body – such as the lungs. The penis is an organ, so it made sense to identify whether its function, too, might be compromised by Covid-19 and ensuing endothelial dysfunction.

So what is endothelial cell dysfunction? Simply put, endothelial cells line the inner surface of every single blood vessel (arteries, veins, capillaries) in your body, helping to supply blood to major organs so they can do their job effectively and keep you healthy. If you laid out all the blood vessels in your body, you’d be looking at around a 100,000-mile stretch! – so that’s a lot of endothelial cells. We can immediately see, subsequently, that if Covid-19 causes any level of endothelial dysfunction, that’s a lot of potential wide-ranging damage that can occur.

How might it specifically affect the penis?

The corpus cavernosum of your penis (the column of spongy, smooth tissue that runs through the shaft of your penis) is lined by a vascular endothelium, with the endothelium critical in helping to maintain blood flow needed for an erection. Endothelial cells also line the helicine (small resistance) arteries that supply blood to the corpus cavernosum – and if they are not functioning effectively, they cannot modulate the pressure and resistance necessary to sustain the right blood pressure for an erection to occur and be maintained. In fact, any kind of impairment of neurovascular processes around the penile area can ultimately result in a failure to get hard, so any endothelial dysfunction can cause a true avalanche of problems that might ultimately end in you staying flaccid and limp when previously you enjoyed an amazing sex life.

Specifically, the 2021 University of Miami study discovered the presence of extracellular viral Covid-19 particles with spikes (peplomers) near penile vascular endothelial cells, alongside a decreased eNOS (Nitric Oxide Synthase) expression in the corpus cavernosum (a decreased eNOS indicates decreased endothelial function) in patients who had tested positive for COVID-19. Patients in the study who tested positive for COVID-19 also displayed significantly lower than normal mean EPC (Endothelial Progenitor Cell) levels, another indication of compromised endothelial function.

Ultimately, numerous studies have already confirmed that Covid-19 can affect blood vessels and endothelial function for all major organs – and this preliminary study now confirms that the penis (also an organ) can be affected, too – via a potentially compromised endothelial function.

The good news? At Doctors Studio we possess the cutting-edge next gen tests and treatments to reverse Covid-19 (or non-Covid-19)related EDso contact us today if ED has affected you, or someone you love!

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