Appreciation: Give what you want to get

Now that 2018 has ended, you get to choose what your focus is. You can focus on what’s not working in your life, or you can look at what is working well. You can see where you need to grow as a person and a leader and in your business. You can see what the people in your business—and your life—need to do to improve, or you can appreciate what they have done.

You want your business and investments to continue to appreciate more.

Reviewing what could be better is a part of growing in all areas of our lives, and we like to believe that our team of coaches facilitate that review and that growth. We challenge, push, support, and hold ourselves, each other and our clients accountable for their growth. It’s what we do.

And …

We’ve found that appreciation is the foundation of our success. The first step for success in any relationship or endeavor—and the last—is thinking and verbalizing our appreciation for what is great in our lives.

Appreciate the health we have, even when it is not exactly free of challenge

Appreciate the wealth we have, even when it is not as much as we want, or others seem to have.

Appreciate the people in our lives, even when they aren’t the perfect spouse, partner, child or friend.

Appreciate the people on our teams, even when they don’t “do it” perfectly.

We are alive. We have food on our table. We have money in the bank. We have family and friends who love us. We have people who help us achieve our tasks, if not our mission and vision.

We get to choose. It might never look like the images we see. And, by appreciating what we have, the people we love, and the good we see in the world, our world gets better.

We appreciate you. Thank you for reading this—and for what you do to make this a better business community, region and world.

Stephen Garber is director of Third Level Ltd. Contact him at 561.752.5505 or

Stephen Garber
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