How about a 55 gallon drum of hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is one of the most valued commodities these days, but one company is offering it in five-gallon buckets and even 55-gallon drums.

RelaDyne, a fuel and lubricants distributor in Cincinnati that includes Flamingo Oil in Florida, placed an order for a truckload of liquid hand sanitizer and expects it to arrive in two weeks, says Kristene Tokesky, who is an independent regional sales director for Flamingo Oil.

“RelaDyne was able to obtain this truckload, but I don’t know the details of how,” Tokesky said. ” We just started pre-selling it today, with a favorable response, as you can imagine. ”

It’s not a gel type of hand sanitizer, but it is 80 percent alcohol and you can put it in a hand sprayer and use it on your hands or spray it on surfaces. The company lists a variety of potential uses:

  • Golf courses: Spray pins, ball washers, divot boxes, putting green flags/pins, pins, holes, riding carts, pull carts, door handles
  • Truck stops/gas stations: Pumps, reels, credit card readers, air pump filler, handles
  • Manufacturing: Loading of trucks, pumps, gear boxes, steel drums, IBC’s, tank/hose switches
  • Dealerships/oil changers: Pumps, reels, hoses, test cars driven, lobby, waiting rooms
  • Postal Service/sanitization: Metal services on trucks, trash cans, mailboxes,
  • Other possible industries: HVAC, community pools, parks, hospitals, businesses, restaurants, bars, grocers, hotels, construction sites, municipalities

The 5 gallon pail with a pump is $225 and the 55 gallon drum is $1,800.

Tokesky is also a vice president at Lank Oil, which sold the lubricant side of its business to Flamingo Oil in 2011. “Lank Oil only sells fuel now, but we are able to offer lubricants and chemicals via Flamingo Oil,” Tokesky said. Those interested should email her at Kristene.Lundblad@reladyne.com.

Kevin Gale
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