Tips on email marketing and executive fitness

As always, this month we had a number of great guests.

Sandi Abbott is South Florida’s premier Constant Contact consultant. She is also one of the region’s social media thought leaders.

Sandi helps make sure that my email marketing campaigns build and maintain my brand. She and her team just did a complete redesign of my weekly email flier for the show and the opens and click-thrus went up. The changes were simple, but they are great ideas for everyone.

” First: The formats of my email campaign and my website have the same color and iconic schemes. This helps reinforce my brand.

” Second: We reduced the number of emails to a level that my contacts will appreciate. We all get too many emails. Be sure not to frustrate your contacts or your opt-outs will go up.

” Finally: Keep the email format simple so people can find the information they need and want. Make the content easy to digest.

A number of you probably have heard of Terek Maddox, just not by name. He trains Frank Gore and Lamar Miller during the NFL offseason. He also trains a number of South Florida’s top high school athletes.

I work out with Terek on a regular basis. He comes to my home or we meet at a park. His tips are simple but effective.

” Focus on simple cardio. I’m never in any pain during or after the workout, nor have I injured myself during any of our sessions.

” Listen to your body. If it hurts, STOP.

” Stay well-hydrated and do not exercise outdoors during the main heat of the day.

” Arrange your schedule to make sure your get your workout in. We target three sessions a week. Early morning is always good – you can control the start of your day more easily than the end of your day.

” You do not need to have a long session. It just needs to be long enough to break a sweat … twice.

While not “hard business news,” one of the most touching interviews I have ever done was with Wendy Young, president of KIND (Kids in Need of Defense). She was recently on the show discussing how she works with Angelina Jolie, Microsoft and a group of pro bono attorneys. She helps undocumented and unaccompanied illegal immigrant children have the legal defense they’re entitled to during their day in court.

During her interview, she repeatedly gave poignant antidotes about the young people she helps to protect. It was impossible for me to keep my composure as I listened to the stories that she told me on the show. The politics of immigration is not the point here. What makes America great is our legal system and how we all have a right to representation. That is what KIND is all about. ?

I encourage you all to go to the show’s archives at and listen to my moving interview with Wendy. You can always hear our show live Thursdays from 6 to 7 p.m. on 880 AM radio in South Florida.

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