Zaandam arrives at Port Everglades

The Holland America ship Zaandam arrived at Port Everglades late Thursday afternoon, ending an agonizing voyage that left four passengers dead with two testing positive for COVID-19.

The ship has 10 passengers that will require immediate hospitalization, but other sick passengers will be treated on the ship. The Rotterdam, which was also headed towards the port, will have three more passengers requiring immediate hospitalization.

A joint press release from multiple agencies outlined what’s happening.

The two ships each have 13 passengers that were listed as having symptoms, who will likely be treated on board. Some may be deemed fit to travel, though.

The two ships combined have 50 crew members exhibiting influenza-like symptoms, but only one will need immediate hospitalization. Other than that crew member, the plan is to keep crew aboard both ships.

More than 1,200 passengers are expected to be fit to travel home, which will include charter flights.

Passenger health will be evaluated per CDC guidelines, the news release says: Passenger health screening will be conducted by ship’s medical personnel and four third party paramedics. All passengers will be placed in one of 2 categories: (1) Fit for Travel and (2) Not Fit for Travel. Fit for Travel means that the passenger answered ‘no’ to the questions in the screening questionnaire and does not have an elevated temperature. All other passengers will be considered Not Fit for Travel.

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