Couplet Coffee Launches at the Player’s Cafe in West Palm Beach

The coffee brand is bringing its quirky style to South Florida consumers

Couplet Coffee, which strives to produce an elevated and premium cup of joe, was recently launched at the Player’s Cafe in West Palm Beach. The cafe serves as a one-stop shop for coffee, lottery tickets, snacks, gifts and other boutique products.

Couplet Coffee was founded by a first-generation immigrant, lesbian and self-professed coffee lover, Gefen Skolnick. The brand’s packaging features holographic material with an artistic collaboration. Each product tells a story, with visual design and taste at the forefront of every product. Couplet Coffee customers can choose between Brazilian, Nicaraguan and Peruvian beans. Some of Couplet Coffee’s popular products include:

“The Espresso for Everyone Blend”

The Espresso for Everyone is a mix of Brazilian, Nicaraguan and Peruvian beans made from an espresso extraction.

“The Blissful Blend”

This signature blend uses Nicaraguan and Peruvian beans from a family-run farm.

“Single Origin Peaceful Peru”

The Peruvian beans used in this mix are from San Ignacio (Estrella Divina), a co-op in Peru, which are light/medium roasted to generate a peachy and caramel taste.

The Lover’s French Press

The colorful French Press helps customers take their passion for coffee home to brew a cup how they see fit.

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