Going Green and Getting Green

Green energy, technology and raising money on the Internet were hot topics on our show within the past month.

Don Weidenfeld is managing member of Magnum Energy Solutions, which manufactures hardware that is easy to install and helps buildings become more energy efficient. His motion detectors, thermostats and other products help cut a building’s energy cost by 20 to 40 percent. This type of profit goes straight to the bottom line, and the impact on a building’s value is significant.

Don was joined on our show by Julio Gonzalez, CEO of Engineered Tax Services (ETS), whose engineers and CPAs review a property’s energy upgrades and their impact on income and expenses. They can certify that certain upgrades to a building have been made to save energy, which helps a building owner qualify for tax credits.

They discussed how ETS can help you qualify for the tax credits that, in some cases, more than pay for the installation of Magnum’s products. They help reduce operating expenses while increasing a property’s value. And they do it in a way that doesn’t cost you any money. Greening your real estate while adding green to your pocket sounds like a good deal to me.

Speaking of green and how to get more of it, Joanna Schwartz is the founder of EarlyShares, a venture she formed with real estate developer Richard Swerdlow and Property.com.

Joanna discussed how Property.com is an open marketplace much like Craigslist, while EarlyShares is a site that curates the opportunities that Property.com has listed. This is the coming wave of the future, Joanna says, noting that a number of local real estate business professionals have begun to raise equity on EarlyShares” platform.

EarlyShares allows accredited investors to directly invest in real estate opportunities. This platform is the new real estate syndication model and its format is expected to be increasingly accepted by the marketplace as time goes on.

I can see that EarlyShares has been quite successful, and I believe that, with the addition of Property.com, its market penetration will only increase. This is a firm and concept that deserves watching.

My guests Joanna, Don and Julio are all thought leaders and market leaders who are changing the way we do business with their innovative approaches: Don and Julio help you save money by cutting costs; Joanne helps make the marketplace more efficient. They deserve watching, too. ?

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