10 Tips on Creating Blog Content Your Customers Will Love

Throughout our series on social media we have focused on the many ways businesses are using sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to build their business and spread their brand. In the last part of our series on social media we discussed the importance of social media metrics and how monitoring can help you track your ROI in social media. Our series also focused on the buzz around business blogging. So now that we’ve clearly identified the benefits of using social media and the importance of monitoring its effectiveness using analytics we wanted to change the focus to ensuring that the content you provide is allowing you to make the most of your investment. The quality of your content helps separate you from your competitors and can provide your business an invitation into the homes of thousands of potential customers.

If your business is using social media effectively chances are you have a blog and even if you’ve been blogging for a short while now, you are fully aware that there are a lot of blogs out there and it’s tough to get your own blog content noticed. Don’t let your content fade into the blogosphere make sure your blog is getting read, shared, liked and followed. The solution is an easy one. Just get your customers to love your content and they’ll be hooked.

Before you begin writing there are several things you need to know:

1. You must know who your customer is
Most of us don’t work directly with our customers and that is truly the nature of the beast. So before you set out to create your content talk to those people on your staff that do know your customers, the sales staff. Ask them about who your customers are, begin to understand your customer demographics. – Use your social media analytics here.

Monitor your social media accounts. Customers love to share and many times they are sharing with you so make sure someone on staff is taking note of what general interests your customers have. What causes do they care about? What makes them laugh? What kinds of things do they share the most? If you know what they like you will know what to blog about.

2. Write content that is as entertaining as it is informative
Take the extra time to incorporate what is trending into your content. You may be surprised how your shares and likes increase. Your customers want to stay abreast of what is new and happening around them and so should you.

3. Write introductions that make people want to read
For many content writers introductions are the hardest part. Think of an introduction as your headline. Your introduction is where your customer will decide whether or not to keep reading so make sure it’s interesting and crisp. The best way to do this is to include a hook. Remember the purpose of an introduction is to prepare the reader for what they are about to read and in the ever increasingly competitive blogosphere you need to hook them and the sooner the better. Some ways to do this include:

” Start with a fact.
” Start at the end and then work your way back.
” Tell a story using humor.
” Ask a question that is currently trending.

4. Write your content in the form of create “quick tips”
This format allows for the presentation of information that the reader can easily remember.

5. Create infographics
Find the data in your blog content and sum it up into a handy infographic, eBook or worksheet that your reader can take with them.

6. Write in lists
Readers love lists. It helps them know what they can expect from the post. Break your idea up into easily consumed lists. It will help you write more clearly, too.

7. Share news
It’s OK to share news about your business once in a while, especially if you write about it in a way where your reader can see how it matters or affects their lives.

8. Link collections 
Create blog content that is meant to curate and share useful content that others have created. Compile links, videos and other online resources that your readers would find useful.

9. Share stories
Share the stories that matter, both your stories, your customers” stories and your employee’s stories. This approach to blog content makes you appear human and approachable.

10. Make Sure Your Content Is Shareable
Once you master the art of writing content your customer can’t live without, traffic to your page will increase and you will see more likes and shares than ever before.

For more information on how to put social media to work for you stay tuned to the next installment in our series on social media which will focus on what not to do when writing content.

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