5 Amazing Tips to Reduce Email Unsubscribe

There is no way around it. Email unsubscribes can put a definite kink in your marketing strategy not to mention you overall disposition. The good news is it’s not hopeless. There are things that can be done to significantly reduce the overall number of unsubscribes you may be experiencing allowing you to maximize the potential of your distribution lists. Take a look at these 5 amazing tips to reduce email unsubscribes and more importantly, try applying them! You have nothing to lose except less unsubscribes!

1. Double check your list.
Email segmentation is often overlooked and it is imperative in not only building your list but in keeping those already on it happy! Segmentation allows for the delivery of only the most important content to your email subscribers. Remember, subscribers don’t want generalized content. No one tunes in every week to watch a re-run! Make sure your segments are specific and cater to your subscribers interests. Your emails should be something they look forward to.

2. Make sure your content is mapped appropriately.
Do not disregard your subscribers buying cycles – instead invest in technology that allows you to monitor them. This is key to learning more about their interests. By mapping content to your list segments, you ensure that they are only receiving emails that they want to see. Mapping allows you to see what works and what doesn’t so if you begin to notice gaps you can take immediate steps to remedy!

3. Allow your subscribers to choose the frequency with which they receive emails.
Some subscribers just don’t like seeing their inbox flooded with content of any kind. Provide an option where they decide when to receive your emails. Give them various choices like daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly so the subscriber has control. This also fosters loyalty on the part of the subscriber and leads to less unsubscribes.

4. Suggest alternative methods of communication.
If all else fails, offer another form of communication like SMS, RMS, social media or your company blog to allow them access to company developments (and hopefully win them back). Many times a user will reconsider after following you on social media. Also, try suggesting a lower frequency email when they try to unsubscribe– many times users agree to this option! For instance, suggesting pausing instead of unsubscribing — 9 times out of 10 the user will select this option and at least they won’t be gone forever!

5. Make sure your email offers are special!
Offer things no other company can. Capitalize on your product or services and make sure that your users obtain great discounts (that only they qualify for) or hidden incentives that they will not be able to attain anywhere else!

Following these 5 simple tips should drastically reduce your unsubscribes and even help grow your distribution lists. It’s all about listening to your subscribers. If someone does, inevitably, unsubscribe, reach out to them and ask why. Most of the time they will provide you with this information which can assist you further with your mapping and tracking.

Build your list and reduce your number of unsubscribes with these and other tips you can find every week in South Florida Business and Wealth. We make your business our business every business day!

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