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And, now, a word about Super Bowl plumbing disasters

There’s lot of lore about the Super Bowl, such as the one that says sewage systems of major cities have broken due to the tremendous number of toilets being flushed simultaneously at halftime.

That’s not true says The myth debunking website says the three- to four-hour Super Bowl features almost as much advertising time as football action, which provides plenty of potty breaks.

However, you may need to take action to avert a plumbing disaster in your home, says

“Ready to repair disposals and remove leftovers from the super-sized snack fans will enjoy across the country, plumbers will be answering repair calls that will come flooding in after the game,” bluefrog said in a press release.

Here are bluefrog’s tips to avoid a disaster:

  1. Wings pair great with pizza, but not with your garbage disposal. Be sure all wing bones make it in the trash.
  2. Don’t wait until the garbage disposal is full to turn it on. Make sure it is running while scraps are thrown in.
  3. Keep fibrous waste like celery and potato skins away from the disposal.
  4. Scrape leftover foods from plates and serving dishes into the trash before rinsing the dishes.
  5. Firing up the grill? Avoid pouring any grease and fats down the drain. They could solidify and clog pipes.
  6. Use single-ply toilet paper in bathrooms.


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