This is the time and this is the page when the new editor-in-chief typically would tell you to get ready for a new SFBW experience—but since you’ve seen the cover, you already know. Graced by Charmel Maynard, the fashionable financial star who’s the chief investment officer and treasurer at the University of Miami, our cover communicates everything we want SFBW to be: refined yet assertive, sophisticated and yet exuding an accessible and palpable humanity. (Read about Maynard in our cover feature “Money Talks,” in which he recalls playing the steel drums as a child in Trinidad, discusses the keys to institutional and personal investing, and shares how he gives back to young adults who were never told anything about investing at all.) Our cover also announces this new incarnation of the magazine as a true aesthetic experience—a beautiful physical object—as well as a timely, meaningful content hub. Credit our design team—Creative Director Melanie Smit and Art Director Frank Papandrea—for their passion, professional authority, and unerring taste that inspire me every day.

Whether you’ve been an avid reader of SFBW or you’re picking it up for the first time, you’ll find a host of surprises, all of which I’m not going to share here. I would never want to rob you of that discovery. But I will tell you that every month will offer feature stories derived from our popular Virtual Connect digital series (and eventually, from our live events), and every magazine department is brand-new and eminently navigable—easy to locate from month to month. You want to check in with yourself during these challenging times? That’s where Agenda comes in. In every issue, you’ll find within this section a rotating set of departments that stays close to home: your interior design, your art, your car and yacht, your health, your financial investments.

Toward the back of the magazine, you can survey Agenda’s mirror image: the wider world of Engage, the place to explore travel, philanthropy, real estate opportunities, the larger South Florida community, and valuable insights from today’s most prescient local thought leaders. There’s more: Briefing Room (meant to be enjoyed with your morning coffee) delivers newsy intel, books—and objets d’art for your office intended to remind you that you’ve arrived. And let’s just say our final page, Vision Board, resonates as an intensely personal journey: Each month, watch for a local business leader to share the things that inspire them, captured through a vivid photo collage.

That’s what we hope SFBW 2.0 does on every page: excites, encourages and inspires you to aim higher and live well, in every sense. And this is only the beginning.

Drew Limsky


South Florida Business & Wealth

Drew Limsky
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