Keeping Up with Hiring Trends in 2015

As the economy recovers, and the job market bounces back, attracting the best and the brightest becomes an obvious goal. But as an employer, what can be done to attract better candidates and keep great employees long-term? According to a recent survey by CareerBuilder, there has been a 12 percent increase in businesses hiring full-time employees this year�and in addition to full-time employees, there continues to be a six percent hiring increase of part-time employees. Businesses and companies are trying to keep ahead of the competition by following some important hiring trends in 2015.

Think Outside the Box: In the past, companies looked to hire those that were actively seeking employment. That is starting to change. Companies are now looking at people that are not seeking employment or necessarily interested in a new position. 2015 is seeing businesses trying to hire people away from other companies with social media helping to open up search capabilities.

Branding: Talent branding is another important trend in attracting new recruits. Talent branding means promoting your business through social media and other outlets in an effort to create a brand as a company that’s great to work for. People want to work for interesting companies – and employers understand this so they have begun emphasizing their brand or ‘reputation” more than ever.

Increasing Pay: Attracting a strong force is as important as keeping turnover rates low that is why paying workers more than the minimum wage is a welcome trend in 2015. Staff turnover is one of the highest costs and least focused upon expenses that small businesses face today. Researchers have found that 45 percent of employers have raised their minimum wage this year. Budgetary constraints may make it difficult to offer higher wages but it certainly makes employment more attractive to prospective workers, and it helps keep turnover numbers low.

Try Before You Buy: Hiring temporary workers and putting them on full-time status is another trend taking place this year. Out of the employers planning to hire temporary or contract workers, 56 percent plan to transition some of those workers into full-time, permanent roles. This is an excellent way to see if a candidate fits into your company culture. No matter how thorough the interviewing process, seeing an employee in action is the best way to try out a new employee before making a commitment.

EQ vs. IQ: While we may see those with higher degrees filling positions that were formerly filled by two or four-year degree holders�EQ (emotional intelligence quotient) is gaining popularity among hiring companies. Employers are looking at higher education as they fill spaces but while graduate level degrees make certain candidates more attractive for certain positions, there are still many skills not taught in business school that are imperative to running a successful business. Employers are paying close attention to how creative and flexible perspective employees are as well as real life experience.

Collaborators: Which brings us to the next trend: flexibility, creativity and collaboration have been important buzz-words for 2015. The willingness and ability to collaborate with others is more important than ever. Perhaps because of today’s competitive college entrance exams, people entering the work force are not as keen about collaborating as they ought to be. Everyone knows that collaboration is imperative to growth in any business�that is why looking to creative and collaborative people is a trend worth noting.

PEO’s on the Rise: As new government regulations regarding healthcare are implemented– more businesses are turning to professional employer organizations (PEO’s) to take on the role of an HR department. PEO’s take over the responsibility of managing insurances, corporate compliance, tax filings, employee handbooks and workers compensation claims. PEO’s can save companies money because of the group savings. They also provide transference of liability which can be costly to businesses.

As employers face a more competitive job market, they need to step up their efforts if they want to secure the most desirable candidates for the rest of the year. Understanding important trends in hiring helps you stay relevant, innovative– and ahead of your competition!

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